Kate Schuricht is an established British ceramic artist working in raku and
stoneware. She studied Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton,
specialising in ceramics and visual research.

After graduating in 1996, Kate was selected for an international ceramic residency in Japan, where she worked alongside established Japanese, Korean and American artists. On her return, Kate set up her business at Cockpit Arts, London, where she was based for nearly 10 years

Now a Professional Member of the Crafts Potters Association, Kate has completed commissions for a number of private and public collections, including British Airways, the British Embassy in St Petersburg, Craftspace and Cowley Manor. Her work is collected worldwide and features in several printed publications and films. Kate also runs tailor made one-to-one short courses from her studio in West Kent.

About the work

“I’m fascinated by taking a soft, fluid material and transforming it into a solid piece, layered with colour and imprinted with the process of firing. We an hold it in our hands and feel it’s strength, yet at the same time, know its fragility. To me, this is somehow a parallel with our  human condition.”

Kate’s ceramics are renowned for their distinctive sculptural qualities, often comprising a series of repeated forms or collections. The passage of time and the ability of certain objects to connect us with our past are continual
sources of inspiration for her work in clay.

Her collections of jugs, tapered vessels and containers are conceived as small scale installations. Wood, stone and precious metal gilding are used in combination with the ceramic pieces to create a sense of balance and harmony.
Applying glaze like layers of fabric to partly wrap the ceramics, Kate highlights the surface qualities of each piece, creating a subtle interplay between light and dark.